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Inbal Betzer photographer


located in center of israel. graduate of the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem. working in Israel since 2004









.I began taking pictures as a teenage girl looking around at the world

The main subject that intrested me was the  the family issue, I was interested in the place where a family and community were created

Hundreds of pictures were taken over the years, with a very simple camera, pictures of my family and Surrounding - a small agricultural village in south of Israel

 .I did not realize then that photography can be a real Profession

Later on, those pictures led me to my studies in the "Bezalel academy of art and design" in

.Jerusalem, and included an unforgettable semester at the School of Visual Arts in NYC


:Photography is a means of expression to what I feel around me all the time

.The subtleties of Movement, of color, of a look, which create reality and memory


,When I photograph an event I'm telling a story, I'm loyal to what is happening

  ,I don't forces myself; allow the main heroes, the secondary players, the joy

.excitement, sometimes the sadness, to be reflected as it through my lens


.When I photograph an event I feel a great responsibility to the captured memories 

With all the weight of responsibility that i feel, humor is significant to my perspective, mixed with great love



.I photographed hundreds of weddings and events. I am working in Israel since 2004

.I am collaborating with talented photographers - stills and video and video editors




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